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places to visit in himachal

Among the many beautiful hamlets of Himachal Pradesh is Naldehra, a town that is seemingly attracting people away from the overcrowded city of Shimla. About an hour’s drive from the main city, Naldehra is everything that Shimla is not – serene, green and ever so fascinating. Although it a small town, it  is famous for the oldest natural golf course in India – the Naldehra Golf Course. And it is fast becoming one of the best places to visit in Himachal.

While traveling in the region, we wanted to stay away from the chaos of a place like Shimla yet experience a place to deliver an authentic Himachali experience. And that’s when we read about The Chalets Naldehra; a small boutique hotel tucked away in the hills and nothing short of paradise.

Our stay at The Chalet's Naldehra

Inspired by the magnificent Swiss chalet architecture, The Chalets Naldehra is a home away from home, where every room provides different yet spectacular views. The foggy mornings, imposing cedar trees, and the immaculately manicured lawn are just some of the natural elements you get to enjoy there. 

The Chalet Naldehra
Great spot to finish some writing assignments

The rooms are designed like pine log homes, intricately done up with great precision and care. What sets it apart from the rest is the fact that it is built atop a mountain bend, keeping the natural landscape undisturbed. The property, owned and initiated by Yatish Sud back in 2001, is now being managed by his only son, Amish.

The Chalet Naldehra
Strolling through the woods outside our chalet

One of the best things about the hotel is that there are no boundaries, no fences, and you can stroll into the lush green forests located behind the rooms. Our best experience was sitting outside in the chilly mornings, basking in the warm sun with a hot cup of tea. The environment is serene, free of unnatural sounds, and full of the aroma of Himachali cuisine being cooked in the kitchen!

The cottage that was given to us was simply magnificent. The décor of our chalet, the cosy feeling in the room, and above all, the hospitality was superb. A distinct aspect of this resort is its well-trained staff that provides service friendly and warm.

hotels in naldehra

Now no vacation is complete without good food, and we were looking forward to having local Himachali food here. And the staff served us with some of the yummiest daal, mahni, pulao, and local curries we have ever had! All the meals were made to perfection, and the fantastic food choices at every meal were lip-smacking. And this is why we feel, that for authentic cuisine, this is also one of the top places to visit in Himachal.

Naldehra hotels
Himachali food
hotels in naldehra
hotels in naldehra

And our most memorable dining experience was at their 360-degree revolving restaurant perched on a tower above the reception! This is a must-see place, and having a beverage there during the day will give you a chance to admire the surrounding landscape visible from the height. It’s a unique experience, and not a lot of hotels can boast of having a revolving restaurant of their own.

Places to visit in and around Naldehra

Chadwick falls

These waterfalls are located north of Shimla and can easily be covered in just a few hours. The falls are small and to get there is a short hike through the countryside.


Chabba is a small village located 18 km from Naldehra. Chabba is a point from where an 11 km river rafting stretch starts at an old hydroelectric powerhouse on the Sutlej River and ends at the sulfur springs at Tattapani Village. Chabba provides parking for vehicles and trained river rafting guides, as well. 


This is a popular tourist attraction located at a distance of 30 km from Naldehra and known for its hot water springs. The place consists of sulfurous spring water, which is said to cure various diseases such as joint pain, skin disease, and fatigue and is situated at the bank of river Sutlej. Apart from the hot water spring, multiple temples devoted to Lord Shiva can be found in Tattapani, which is one of the topmost places to visit in Himachal. 


This is located ahead of Kufri and known for its stunning mountains and aromatic apple orchards. It’s a 20-minute drive from Shimla, and you can get there either by car or bus. Tungesh and Dharech are two temples of nearby peaks that make for a good hike.

Kogi Mata temple

This temple is dedicated to Kogi Mata and situated in the Kogi village. The houses in the town are made in traditional Himachali style, and there is also a chowki (seat of the elders) sculpted from wood and placed near the temple, which attracts many tourists. 

Shaily peak 

Located around 23 km from Naldehra near the Mahakali lake, Shaily peak is one of the most popular tourist attractions, which includes a mountain, surrounded with rocky trails and forest, which makes it a perfect destination for hikers and trekkers. Tourists can also ride horses or rent a motorcycle to reach Shaily peak, which offers an enchanting view of the Himalayas. 

Mahunag Temple

This small temple, located in the Naldehra golf course, is dedicated to the snake god. It is believed to be the reason for Naldehra’s name, which translates to the abode of the king of the snakes. Visitors also enjoy the Karsog Valley view along with the northern Himalaya from the temple.

Best time to visit Naldehra

Spring and autumn are the most favorable seasons if you want to bask in the winter sun. Winters are chilly, but you do get to wake up to snowfall right outside your porch! Naldehra is pleasant to visit during the summer between May to September when the climate is very moderate. But since this is one of the best places to visit in Himachal, the footfalls also increase substantially during peak season.


You can also enjoy a bit of rain during that time, which makes the trip more memorable. During winters, the temperatures can drop to -5 °C, making it difficult to see all the tourist attractions as you hardly get to move out.

How to reach The Chalet's Naldehra

By road:

From Delhi: About 6 hours

From Chandigarh: About 2.5 hours

From Shimla – 22 km, which takes about 45 minutes.


By train:

The Kalka Shatabdi transports you to the Kalka railway station in less than 5 hours. From there, it takes about 3-4 hours to reach the resort. The hotel staff is kind enough to arrange a pick-up and drop on request.


By air:

The closest airport is at Jubbar-Hatti, 45 km away.

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Deepak January 13, 2020 - 1:28 PM

I have been to Manali last year. Wanted to visit Kasol this year, but reading thru your blog, I think Naldehra needs a look at. Sounds fun and interesting.

travelmynation January 13, 2020 - 2:01 PM

Yeah Manali and Kasol region are too crowded and full of hippie crowd. Naldehra and narkanda are much better


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