All You Need to Know About Bali & Its Volcanoes

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bali volcanoes

One of the two active volcanoes in Bali, Agung has a legend associated with it. The Balinese people believe that the Gods created this mountain, and it was the starting point of life for the island. When it erupts, to them, it is directly the ‘wrath of Gods’ that they are witnessing. To prevent this from happening, the priests in Bali perform a ritual called Eka Dasa Rudra, every 100 years!

So without the volcanoes, you cannot really know Bali. Let’s learn more about its volcanoes. Here goes.


1. Mount Agung

Difficulty level: Hard

  • The highest point on the island, the volcano is visible from almost everywhere!
  • It influences Bali’s weather so much that it blocks the rain clouds coming from the West, making the entire West lush and green and the East, dry and barren.
  • You can hike this mountain located in Kintamani if there is no volcanic activity.
  • To climb this volcano is not easy, so climb this only if you have some experience climbing mountains.
Volcanoes in Bali

2. Mount Catur

Difficulty level: Moderate

  • This one can easily become your favourite volcano in Bali. Why? Because it has lush greenery, a lake, a waterfall, a botanical garden and a beautiful temple!
  • You start trekking from Gua Jepang (Japanese Cave) and on your way up, see multiple ruins and have your own taste of history.
  • It has picturesque views – the best you can find in Bali.
Volcanoes in Bali

3. Mount Batur

Difficulty level: Easy

  • Another active volcano, it is a part of the Global Geoparks Network, as declared by UNESCO in 2012.
  • It has formed a caldera (large hollow formed after an eruption) which is now home to many people and makes for an interesting trip.
  • What’s more? There is a lake too in the largest caldera and the climb is easy.

You Love Bali?

Get it? If you ‘love’ Bali and are planning to visit soon, don’t miss going on a volcano trek. If you can trek up to the active ones, the lava rocks are Instagram-worthy and will amaze you!

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