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Lulung Odisha

A mesmerizing picnic spot that is the gateway to Simlipal National Park. A place where nature flourishes, untouched by human invasion. A destination calling out to nature and wildlife lovers. This is Lulung, an offbeat tourist place in Odisha where rustic nature trails and pristine streams liven up the landscape.

Where is LULUNG?

If you are looking for a truly remote tourist place in Odisha then you should head to the Eastern parts. Located 25 kms from the Baripada town, is the quaint village of Lulung. It hugs the Simlipal National Park and serves as the point of the entrance to it as well. A few people who come to visit the Simlipal National Park stay at Lulung as it’s a lovely picnic spot with absolute serenity.

Lulung Odisha
Lulung Landscape. Pic Courtesy Sovereignroads

You can freely walk around the village, through its numerous nature trails and explore the streams that dot the landscape. If you are lucky, you might spot some jackals, deer, and other wildlife in the nature trails. The village has the Palpala River flowing close to it and some migratory birds are also known to frequent the area. The crystal-clear waters of the pristine river are surrounded by dense jungles that have lovely picnic spots all around.

Lulung Odisha
Picteresque streams in Lulung. Pic courtesy - Youtube

As the temperature starts soaring in the state, people start looking for a good tourist place in Odisha. Some head to Lulung, where the rolling grass hills are complemented by the wild calls of peacocks and deer, and the murmur of the Palpala River washes away the stress of life.


The Lulung region is known to house some pretty offbeat tourist places in Odisha and the ones below are not to be missed out on!

Simlipal National Park

Located in the Mayurbhanj district, this tiger reserve is the 7th largest national park in India. It is home to species like the Royal Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, Gaur, and Chausingha. A total of 42 species of mammals, 242 species of birds and 30 species of reptiles have been recorded in Simlipal National Park.

Simlipal National Park
Simlipal National Park. Pic Courtesy - Reddit

Once you reach the park, you can check into the forest rest house with prior booking. Hire a jeep safari and explore the wilderness with the possibility of spotting the big cats! The park is open between November and June and if you want to take your own vehicle inside, you will need prior permission.

Haripurgarh Fort

Carrying a signature of the glorious past of the state is the Haripurgarh Fort, a century-old fort battered by the sands of time. Known as the Leaning Palace, it is located 15 kms from Baripada town and about 36 kms from Lulung. The fort was named after King Harihar Bhanj, the ruler of the Mayurbhanj locale.

Haripurgarh Fort?
Haripurgarh Fort​

The fort had a strategic location – surrounded by a river from 3 sides, it helped keep the enemy at bay! The structures that exist on the palace premises today include Jagannath and Rasikaray temples, parts of the fort, and the main gate. 

Barehipani Waterfalls

This two-tiered waterfall lies 80 kms from Lulung and is inside the Simlipal National Park. It is said to be the 3rd highest falls in India and at 1,310 feet is presents an astounding sight.

Joranda Waterfalls

Joranda waterfalls
Joranda waterfalls. Pic Courtesy - tripiwiki

Located in the core area of the Simlipal National Park is the Joranda Fall, which is said to be the 19thhighest waterfall in India. The falls have a total height of 490 feet and the water drops over a jagged cliff in a single drop.

Chandipur Receding Beach

Located in Baleshwar district of Odisha, the Chandipur Beach is situated on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. A visit to the unique beach will have you experience receding waters that go back as far as an astounding 5 kilometers!

Chandipur Beach
Chandipur Beach. Pic Courtesy - travelholidaysindia

Because of this unique phenomenon, Chandipur Beach is home to a unique ecosystem of marine life. A common species found on the beach is the Horseshoe Crab which is a frequent visitor towards the Mirzapur section.


To escape the summer heat, the best time to visit Lulung is from October to April. Weather is pleasant for outdoor hikes, walks around the village, and safaris in the Simlipal National Park and you will hardly break a sweat during these months. Avoid the monsoons as the rains will limit the time you get to spend outdoors.


Whether you decide to stay at Lulung or the Simlipal National Park, options are limited. You can book your stay at the Orissa Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC)’s guest house, Aranya Nivas Resort located in Lulung.

aranya nivas simlipal
Aranya Nivas Simlipal. Pic Courtesy - Yatra.com

The government property has surprisingly well-maintained grass lawns, comfortable cottages, and a large dining hall. The stay is not very luxurious but considering where you are, it is more than enough. Some of the cottages will give you splendid views of the surrounding hillocks. Each cottage has a balcony attached to it facing the surrounding hills and the vast expanse of forest. The entire Tourist Complex is landscaped with nice lawns, gardens, and fruit trees.


By Air – The nearest airports are at Bhubaneshwar and Kolkata. From there, you can either hire a cab and drive down to Lulung or take a bus/train to Balasore. The next part will have to be complete via private cabs.

By Rail – From Kolkata, you can travel to Baripada by train and the journey takes about 7 hours. If you are traveling from elsewhere, you will need to book your train tickets for Baripada or Balasore.

By Road – The roads are in good condition till Balasore. If you are driving from Kolkata side, then you will be driving through well-maintained highways dotted with sal and deodar trees.

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