Chandipur Beach – The Mystery of the Disappearing Sea

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Chandipur Beach

What's unique about Chandipur Beach

In the age of photoshopped images and computer graphics, there are some photos doing the rounds of people walking on water. Wondering what we are talking about? Tucked away in a desolate corner in the Indian state of Odisha lies a secluded beach, the one where the sea mysteriously disappears. 

Chandipur Beach
Pic Courtesy - Orissa Tourism

Tough to believe? Well, you can watch the sea water disappearing right in front of your eyes and be amazed as it comes back again! This is the Chandipur beach known for its receding waters that literally plays hide and seek with its visitors.

Chandipur Beach
Pic Courtesy - travelholidaysindia

Located in Baleshwar district of Odisha, the Chandipur Beach is situated on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. A visit to the unique beach will have you experience receding waters that go back as far as an astounding 5 kilometers! 

Chandipur Beach
Pic Courtesy - Orissa Tourism

The sprawling golden sand beach has been enshrouded with mystery since a long time as this natural phenomenon occurs twice every day. 

Chandipur Beach

Morning beach walkers, tourists and travelers are often amazed when they experience this first hand and this is what is making the beach ever so more popular. Apparently, there is no fixed timings for the tides to recede and reappear, as it depends on the moon cycle. 

Chandipur Beach
Pic Courtesy - Gapu Photography

Because of this unique phenomenon, the Chandipur Beach is home to a unique eco system of marine life. A common species found on the beach is the Horseshoe Crab which is a frequent visitor towards Mirzapur section. 

Chandipur Beach
Pic Courtesy - Orissa Tourism

Best time to visit Chandipur Beach

Due to the simmering heat that Odisha experiences, the best time to visit Chandipur Beach would be during the winter months from November to February. The cool sea breezes make the experience quite pleasant and you can walk around the area without breaking a sweat. 


The monsoons are also a good time to be there if you can brave the winds and the rain. The surrounding areas turn lush green adding to the beauty of the serene beach. However, if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors it is best to avoid visiting during the monsoons.

How to reach Chandipur Beach?

By train – The nearest station is located in Balasore which is about 20 kms from the beach. You can hire a private cab from the station and head to the beach.


By Flight – Bhubaneshwar airport is the closest place you can fly to get to the beach. However, it is located 210 kms away and from there you will need to hire a private cab till Chandipur or take a bus till Balasore. Or you could also fly to Kolkata airport which is 250 kms away.

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