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Find COVID Testing Centres Using Google Maps

by travelmynation
COVID Testing Centers Using Google Maps

Through our last couple of blogs, we have been trying to get you relevant, updated and correct information related to the COVID-19 situation in India. We recently wrote about how you can get a COVID travel pass in India and what you need to do in case you develop COVID symptoms while traveling. Inspite of all the precautionary measures we all are taking; the infection is spreading and we need to be armed with every possible tool to fight it. Through this article, we want to help you find a COVID testing centre in India in case you face an outbreak.

Instead of listing all the COVID testing centres in India, we want to highlight how you can do this search on Google Maps. Shown below is a series of screenshots along with a video to help you find testing centres in India or your location.

Here is a step-wise process to find COVID testing centres in India

COVID Testing Centers Using Google Maps

1. Open Google Maps app on your mobile or open the maps on your computer.

COVID Testing Centers Using Google Maps

2. In the Google Maps search bar (circled in the image), please type ‘Coronavirus testing’ or ‘COVID-19 testing’ and press return.

COVID Testing Centers Using Google Maps

3. Now you should be able to see a list of locations on your left sidebar, listing all the testing centres near your current location. 

COVID Testing Centers Using Google Maps

Advisory – This article is not to promote Google or its products in any way. The results shown on Google Map might not be comprehensive and you should get in touch with a doctor to get the update list of COVID testing centres near your location. This article is meant to highlight the use of Google Maps to search for COVID testing centres.


For a complete list of the testing centres in India, please click here for the ICMR data.

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