How to apply for an Interstate travel pass during the lockdown?

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COVID travel pass

Lockdowns are back! And they might be here to stay for a while. Just when we thought that the situation was getting back to normal some state governments, city wards and housing complexes have announced lockdowns of various proportions to contain the spread of Coronavirus. What happens if you need to travel during this lockdown period? The government had mandated the use of an interstate travel pass during the lockdown in India but what the heck is that all about.

What is an interstate travel pass?

A travel pass is a document issued by the Government of India that states your purpose and necessity of travel during the Coronavirus lockdown period. It’s mandatory to have the travel pass during lockdown for intracity, intercity, intrastate, and interstate travel and without that sometimes you will not be permitted to travel at all. 

Those states which are still under lockdown are implementing the use of an interstate travel pass for any kind of movement. For others, where such restrictions are not there, you do not need a travel pass at the moment.

When will I need an interstate travel pass during a lockdown?

An interstate travel pass might be required for any form of travel – intercity or interstate. For example, if a state currently has total lockdown you will need a travel pass or an e-pass to venture out of your locality. There are some states that have mandated the use of an interstate travel pass to visit another state. This has been implemented to check unnecessary travel and to stop the spread of the Corona Virus.

If you have to make any kind of trip out of emergency that is when you will need to obtain an interstate travel pass. Without this, you could face heavy fines if you are caught venturing out during a lockdown.

india travel pass
india travel pass

How do I apply for a travel pass or an e-Pass online?

The Central Government of India has created a portal from where residents of any state/UT can apply for an interstate travel pass during the lockdown. This service has been created to apply for passes during lockdown scenarios.

To apply for the travel pass, click here.

Once the page loads, you will have to select your state/UT name from a drop list shown in the image below. After making your selection, you will be presented with options relative to your location for application of the e-Pass. Fill out the travel pass form, submit it, and keep the reference number handy.

india travel pass

What do I need to apply for a pass?

Before you start applying, here is a simple checklist to keep in mind.

Any individual or group can apply for this travel pass or e-Pass

  1. All fields in the form have to be filled in, with the correct information
  2. Keep soft copies of all documents mentioned in the form
  3. The mobile number you provide for the OTP should always be with you

Once you submit the application, you will get a reference number. Keep that handy with you

While traveling keep a hard copy and a soft copy of the interstate travel pass with you at all times. In case government officials stop you, you need to show them the travel pass.

In order to apply for a travel pass, you will need a valid, government-issued ID like an Aadhar Card, Voter ID card, passport, Driving License, etc. Depending on which state/UT you live in, you might be asked the vehicle registration details as well.

How long does it take to get the pass?

As fast as our government decided to work on it! There isn’t any process set for the number of days this needs to be completed in but it does take a minimum of 24 hours. Our advice is to apply for the pass a couple of days in advance in case it’s not an emergency situation.

What is the validity of the pass?

Each travel pass issued by the Government will usually be valid either for a one-way trip or a return trip. And the passes are issued for one-time use only.

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Weekendmusafir July 5, 2020 - 10:44 AM

I think it’s baseless , pass for travel … I mean seriously?? If want to go out for vacation it has to be a emergency vacation ?? They are doing useless things

travelmynation July 5, 2020 - 10:56 AM

Hey. Travel pass isn’t for vacations. It is for commute during lockdown.


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