5 Coolest biker cafes in India

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biker cafes in India

We’ve all read many articles online about biker cafes in India but sadly most of them hardly fit the bill. A majority of these biker cafes are just ordinary cafes disguised to look like they offer something for our biking community, when in reality they don’t. Furniture made out of motorcycle parts, stickers and posters of motorcycles or racing legends doesn’t make a biker café.

Biker cafes in India

A true biker café should be one of two things – either a rendezvous point solely for bikers or provide biking related offerings like riding gear, moto touring classes, a workshop, or custom job services. In that sense, I collected a list of the top biker cafes in India that not only serve some lip-smacking food but also create a space that is exclusively for the biking community.

6000 Miles to Isle of Man, Bangalore

biker cafes in india
Pic Courtesy - Just Dial

Bangalore is probably the biking capital of India with countless motorcycle groups, the endless list of destinations, and a biking culture that other cities dream of. And a popular watering hole for bikers in Bangalore is 6000 Miles To Isle of Man. Fancy name, huh? The popular hangout for bikers can’t be termed a café but it does offer a live screening of MotoGP races, jamming sessions, live concerts, motorcycle meet-up events, interactive tours, and ride sessions.

biker cafes in india
Pic Courtesy - Just Dial

If you like bikes, then this is a haven for all those who want to be connected to the their favourite hobby. Their Biker’s hub is a family of riders, experts and manufacturers which organises happening biking activities, all year round – for riding enthusiasts who want to explore the unexplored, and share the same love of riding with fellow riders. Whether you’re interested in casual riding or attending sportives and race events you can count on them for some truly memorable experiences.

Bikes and Burgers, Chennai

Motorcycles and food, now that’s a great combination and something that Bikes and Burgers seem to have executed really well. This biker themed café and service centre in Kolathur, Chennai is growing to become one of the coolest biker hangouts in the city. 

biker cafes in india
Pic Courtesy - Zomato

Fancy having a fish fillet burger while you get your bike serviced? Head to Bikers and Burgers where the air smells of motor oil and you hear the sweet sound of revving engines all day long! The food is great as well; the fast food here seems to have struck the right chords with the customers who love spending time with their biker friends!

Throttle Shrottle, Gurugram

Already an immensely popular place for bikers, Throttle Shrottle is a motorcycle theme café nestled on the Gurgaon Faridabad highway. It’s a regular haunt for weekend riders who ride out of the busy city taking out their bikes for a quick spin to meet like-minded riders. It initially started out as a workshop but gradually moved on to become a top biker café in India as well where riders meet to show off their bikes, make ride plans, exchange tips and share their pictures.

biker cafes in india
Pic Courtesy - Throttle Throttle

The best part about this place? They claim to be open 365 days a year with 24/7 services! Hop on and ride off to this café where you can feast on bun maska, coffee, chai, sandwiches, and freshly made dimsums. And for the typical North Indian, they have the usual aaloo ke parathe as well!

The Motorcycle Diaries Cafe, Pondicherry

A must visit for all motorcycle enthusiasts when they visit Pondicherry, The Motorcycle Diaries Cafe is popular because of its food, ambiance and hospitality. The cafe cum biking store is a favorite hangout for all biker in the Pondicherry and Chennai region who flock to the place for meet-ups, accessory shopping and some good old motorcycle show-offs.

biker cafes in india

A one of the kind themed café in the small UT, the place dishes out delicious French fries, Mayo sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, Belgian Waffles and coffees of all kind. For its scrumptious food, this makes it to our number 4 position in the top biker cafes in India list.

Royal Enfield Garage Cafe, Goa

Now this one is a little formal as the Royal Enfield Garage café in Goa is run by the company itself. Located on the banks of the beautiful Baga River, the café features a café, a bar, and display of antique bikes along with the Royal Enfield store for some apparel shopping! The garage cum café looks quite funky with tall columns of glass, cosy lighting and a full menu café spread over a sprawling space. The venue also features a full-fledged garage along with the official Royal Enfield store.

Royal Enfield garage Cafe
Pic Courtesy - Royal Enfield

Even if you don’t own a Royal Enfield or even don’t like one, you could still visit this lovely café for some of the best burgers, plates of pasta, pizzas, and salads in town. And you never know. You might just bump into someone you ride with pretty soon!

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