4 New travel trends for 2020

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travel trends for 2020

Why will there be a change in the way we travel?

According to the estimates, the COVID-19 pandemic will result in 50 million job losses in the travel and tourism industry. The way we travel is set for a major overhaul and going outdoors won’t be the same, at least for the next 2-3 years. 

People are scared to venture out and the skill + resource shortage will create a big void in the tourism sector. In such times, what major travel trends for 2020 will emerge? We share our insights about how travel will change post-COVID-19 and what you should do to adapt to this new style of travel. These are our hand-picked travel trends for 2020.

Offbeat destinations over Tourist Spots

To avoid crowds now is the time when travelers will prefer visiting offbeat destinations rather than visiting crowded tourist spots. The simple reason – avoid crowds and pandemic. Popular tourist haunts like Bali, Bangkok, Paris, New York, etc. should see a drop in tourism as more and more people choose to travel to secluded destinations where they are away from the tourist population. Shaping a new wave of travel trends will be the drive to find remote places away from civilization.

2020 travel trends

In India, destinations such as Ladakh, Shimla, Manali, Munnar, Goa, etc should see fewer people visiting as the chance of contracting the pandemic are much higher in these overpopulated destinations. Instead, heading off to lesser-known destinations such as Nachikuppam, Sathyamangalam, Garli, Rasong, Kalimpong might be a better option if you prioritize safety and health over everything else.

Homestay over Hotels

In line with social distance norms, our research shows that people will be more inclined to stay in homestays, B&B’s that offer just a couple of rooms. You come in contact with a lesser number of people as compared to a hotel or resort and contribute to the local economy as well. Shaping new travel trends for 2020, will be the emergence of homestays and B&B’s as an alternative to hotels and resorts.

2020 travel trends
Camp sites or homestay are the safest alternatives to hotels

However, homestays located in mainstream destinations will still see fewer people as compared to stays in remote locations such as this one in Coonoor, and Kutta. Travelers like us will choose homestays in secluded areas far away from markets, villages, and other commercial establishments. And if there is an option to cook your own meals then it is an added advantage.

Home food over Restaurants

It was a great way to save money, have healthy food and we’ve been doing this for ages. Road trippers once looked to stop in their favorite breakfast joints to have that sinful cheese paratha or hot idlis but the trends of highway eating are going to change. Home-cooked food eaten at scenic spots on the highway will now be the new norm! Carry your own picnic baskets, tea flasks, and casseroles as you enjoy your meals by the lake, or under the shade of a tree.

Road Tripping over Flights

2020 travel trends

In the pandemic era, people will be more interested in taking road trips than flights as it’s a much more personal and safer experience. Weekend road trip getaway, long drives, and cross-country road tripping will see a surge as people will stay away from mass transport services to stay safe. In the event of flights becoming more expensive, road-tripping seems to be an economical way to travel. A road trip to a national park or an off-roading trip to the nearest mountains would definitely seem more enticing than flying off to far off destinations.

What do you think travel will be like in the next year to come? How are you going to adapt to the changing environment? Let us know your thoughts on how your travel will change in 2020.

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