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Delhi to London Bus Trip – 20k kms, 70 days & 18 countries!

by travelmynation
Delhi to London bus trip

It is probably the wackiest idea put into action but in 2021 this will be a reality. In the 1960s the longest bus route in the world was a staggering 32,669 kilometers that went from Calcutta to London! The trip took you across 11 countries (at that time) in a double-decker bus nicknamed ‘Albert’. The journey set you back by 145 pounds that would now be approximately 2,000 pounds! But now the trending one is the recent Delhi to London bus trip!

And now a Gurugram based company, Adventures Overland is offering the same service! You can embark on a Delhi to London bus journey that will span across 70 days, covering 20,000 kilometers. And all this is set to take place in May 2021! And yes, it’s pretty expensive but you will get to zip through 18 countries on the way! The bus you get to travel in will be a highly customized luxury bus offering all creature comforts and facilities.

Delhi to London bus
Calcutta to London Bus service in the 1960s

Route for the Delhi to London Bus trip

This epic journey has been broken down into 4 stages that go through 18 countries and 2 continents. So you know you will have plenty to see, lots of food to try and people to meet!

Stage 1 - South East Asia (11 nights and 12 days)

The starting point of the bus tour is in Delhi from where it nudges towards popular Indian cities of Lucknow, Muzaffarpur, Siliguri, Guwahati, Kohima, and finally Imphal. This marks the end of the India tour and then the bus proceeds towards Myanmmar.

Delhi to London bus
Towering pagodas of Myanmar

Crossing the border into Myanmar you will get to explore destinations like Kale, Bagan, Yangon, and Kyaikto on the way. Explore the local cuisine and click pics of the gorgeous pagodas around the country as you get mesmerized by the beautiful landscapes of Myanmar. From Myanmar, the bus then moves into Thailand where you will get pit stops in places like Tak and Bangkok.

Stage 2 - China (15 nights and 16 days)

After enjoying Bangkok, you bid adieu to Thailand and head towards Laos for a short stop at Luang Namtha. It’s an overnight stay so you won’t be able to see much. But the next 14 days in China will ensure you get tons of sight-seeing done in places like Chengdu, Ruoergai, Xining, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Hami, Turpan, Kuerle, Aksu and Kashgar.

Delhi to London bus
Stunning Chinese architecture in the countryside

Surprisingly, the most time spent in China will be in Kashgar which is an oasis city in Western China. This leg promises to be really exciting as you get the opportunity to come up close with Pandas in Chengdu, visit the Magao Caves, and see the massive Gobi Desert.

Stage 3 - Central Asia (21 night and 22 days)

Wow, that’s a long one but much needed since you drive through the humungous Russian country, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. Stage 3 starts with the ancient city of Bishkek where you get to experience the central Asian bazaars, local cuisines, and reminiscent of the age-old spice business.

Delhi to London bus
The world famous Red Square in Moscow City

Drive through the gorgeous city of Tashkent and explore Samarkand, which is known for its cuisine! After covering these smaller nations, you enter Russia, the largest country on the planet. India is said to be approximately 19% of the size of Russia!

Stage 4 - Europe (15 nights and 16 days)

This the final leg of the journey before you head back the same way you came from! It begins with the beautiful Baltic nations of Latvia and Lithuania. There were both parts of the Russian empire and broke free after World War I.

Delhi to London bus
Waterfront view of London city

Warsaw and Prague are set to mesmerize you with their architecture, cafes, and lovely walks within the city. And if you can’t get enough of this, you get to visit beautiful places like Frankfurt, Brussels and finally London where one part of the journey ends!

Cost Structure for the Delhi to London bus trip

Stage 1 – 3,50,000 per person

Stage 2 – 4,25,000 per person

Stage 3 – 4,95,000 per person

Stage 4 – 4,25,000 per person


Full trip – INR 15 lacs per person

All hotel stays on twin sharing basis


Travel in the luxury bus with a driver and a helper

Travel coordinator throughout the journey

Experience English speaking guide in each country you visit

All visas and visa fees, border crossing assistance

Ministry approvals, customs clearance, and permits

Bus fuel, servicing, taxes, tolls, and parking fees

Insurance for the bus

Route planning and research

Imphal airport transfers

Sightseeing and walking tours in certain locations

Entrance fee at different destinations


Snacks, soft beverages, and chocolates throughout the bus journey 

Flight tickets

GST at 5%

Meals and drinks not mentioned


Certain entrance fee for sightseeing places

Travel insurance

Cost arising out of emergency situations like bad health

Additional accommodation charges

Medical expenses


Tips and gratuities

Ergonomical business class seats with ample legroom

Seat partitions for privacy

Personal entertainment system with AUX and USB support

Mic and audio system

Foldable tray for meals and laptop use

Mobile charging points

Bottle and cup holders

Storage for every traveler

Storage to carry two suitcases for each individual

Private locker with each seat

Mini pantry

Wi-fi connectivity

Important tips for the Delhi to London bus trip

Must Read Guidelines

The Delhi to London bus itinerary covers several countries so do ensure that you have a passport with enough validity and at least 18-20 pages empty to accommodate all the visas and stamps! And do you know what to do in case you lose your passport? Here is everything that will help you out.

The trip will traverse through highways, flatlands, mountain passes, cities, curvy roads, etc. and if you have travel sickness you need to be prepared to handle the situation.

You have the wonderful opportunity to taste cuisines from all over the world and vegetarian options should not be hard to come by. But do keep an open mind as you won’t get what you want to eat at every destination. Plan for mobile connectivity, currency exchange, etc. so that you don’t waste time on the road fixing things!

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