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A Resort in Coorg resembling Estonian Huts!

by travelmynation

As kids, many of us have watched fairytales on TV every Sunday morning, but in real life how many of us have got a chance to live or even be at a place like that? Well, I have!! A place which is far from the maddening crowd and amidst a huge coffee plantation. Where Drongo’s make such cute yet unusual sounds that it blows your mind away. A place where huge mammals are welcome as well as cute little pups..a place which I call “LALALAND”
Snapseed (1) copyFor those who believe that fairy tales exist and childhood dreams do come true then this place is definitely for you. Nestled in COORG-KUTTA, the unique cottages, and their architecture is enough to remind you of your fairytales. No wonders its owners-Mrs Meena and Mr. Ravi fell in love with this property the very first time they saw it and decided to sell their house in Gurgaon in order to buy this plantation which they now call Turtle Pond.
Snapseed (4)In the beginning, the huts were just shells and it was with the help of an Estonian traveler and his girlfriend who were on a cycling tour of Coorg and fell in love with the region. They stayed at Turtle Pond for many months and decided to design the shells and turn them into cottages. Later the cottages were also painted by them. The most amazing part about these wooden cottages is that every single bit of it is handbuilt and they typically look like cottages that are found in rural Estonia and Northern Russia.
IMG_8915The rooms of the cottages are cute, quaint, spacious and very comfortable. Apart from the beds, there is an almirah, a cooler, a dressing table and a big washroom.  Every cottage has a small and cute deck outside, where one can listen to the birds; their early morning chatter, or sip a cup of coffee, or even watch some wildlife pass through the property.  Moreover, Coorg, that has a cool temperature throughout the year, makes this homestay an ideal place for you to relax and lose yourself in nature.
Snapseed copySnapseed (7)The owners/ host (I like to call them Uncle and Aunty) are an absolute pleasure to be with. They take such good care of you and ensure you are at your utmost comfort during your stay in Turtle Pond. The food served is just delicious. Girish, their cook cum helper, prepares it all along with aunty. I still cannot forget the taste of that yummy chicken gravy which was served to us for dinner that night.
Snapseed (2)We had an absolutely wonderful experience at Turtle pond. The stay, the place, the room, the food, the gossips, the campfire, and the warm hosts were all just perfect. Exactly what you want when you are on a vacation. Oh and not to forget the thrilling discussions we had about their working days and Masai Mara!!
Snapseed (1)The owners of Turtlepond are trying their best to restore the pristine beauty of their property and the plantation. They are putting in all their efforts to turn their plantation into an organic one.  

Although our first visit to this place was planned for 1N2D,  I am coming back soon and given a chance I would spend days staying in this place. The homestay is so serene, beautiful and has a perfect blend of wild outdoors, coffee plantations, nature trails, and beautiful scenic views. A perfect destination for us to be ! Read more about them here!
Snapseed (5)Snapseed (6)

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Pictures are a Nature Lover’s kaleidoscope

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Thank you for going through the blog!!

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