8 Unheard of Waterfalls to Cover during your Shillong tour

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meghalaya waterfalls

Meghalaya is often referred to as the Abode of Clouds and is a crown jewel of the North-Eastern states of India. The ever-growing tourist hotspot can wow you with its stunning waterfalls, pleasant climate, gorgeous valleys, lakes, caves, and lively culture.  Every year during our Shillong tour, we’ve covered the cities, lakes, gold courses and the lively food scene.

However, the focal point of tourism seems to be the numerous, scenic waterfalls scattered all over the hill region, and these attract thousands of people to the heavenly state each day. If you are planning a Shillong tour, then read our comprehensive guide of the 8 best but most off beat waterfalls there.

Wah Kaba Falls
Wah Kaba Falls. Image Courtesy Wikimedia

Wah Kaba

Located close to Cherrapunjee is the Wah Kaba falls, which is one of the popular ones in this region. The falls drop from a steep rocky side into a gorge below. Since it’s located on a roadside, you can access it easily and watch it from a nearby viewpoint. The best time to visit these falls in during peak monsoons. Distance from Shillong is 48 kilometres.

dainthlen falls

Dainthlen Falls

These aren’t as high as others in Meghalaya and not a part of any Shillong tour plan. But that’s the best thing about it since you can visit it without having to fight the crowds. The splendour of this falls is enhanced by the presence of a large number of natural potholes, much bigger in size and dimension than the regular ones on the metallic roads. 

The view of this waterfall tumbling down from a height of close to 80-90 m is from its source and provides a good opportunity to follow the path all the way to the bottom. Dainthlen Falls also has its own legend. Once there was a mighty demon Python called Thlen, and he was consumed by greed and power. Oppressed by the python, a group of men fought it with a giant stone and crushed its hood. Some of the marks of the battle are still found in the rocks near the fall! Distance from Shillong is 56 kilometres.

Tyrshi Falls

Tyrshi Falls

Located 5 kilometres from Jowai, the Tyrshi Falls are similar to the Elephant Falls. You will walk through a pretty arch bridge set amidst green paddy fields to get to the falls. To get to the base of the waterfalls you will have to complete a short hike through a series of small steps and from the base you will get a panoramic view of these majestic falls. Distance from Shillong is 59 kilometers.

kynrem falls

Kynrem Falls

Touted as the 7th highest waterfalls in India, the Kynrem Falls pass through a motorable road that goes all the way to Bangladesh! The fall spreads out in two different streams or rivulets with each of them gaining momentum by getting merged while flowing down the last leg of the third tier. 

Like many other waterfalls of the region, the Kynrem Falls, too, flow in their full swing only during the months of Monsoon, and it is thus recommended to visit the falls just during Monsoon. Distance from Shillong is 70 kilometres.

krang suri
Krang Shuri - Take a dip during the summer months

Krang Suri Falls

These are easily my favorite waterfalls in Meghalaya because of the shimmering azure waters and lush green surroundings. Getting down the falls from the parking is a breeze but walking back up is a daunting task. Especially if you are a smoker! 

But the walk is worth it, as Krang Shuri is easily one of the most appealing and beautiful waterfalls in India. The falls are not at all high and you can take a dip in the large blue water pool it creates underneath. Sadly, due to its beauty, the falls attract too many tourists so get there early in the morning to enjoy it in tranquillity. The distance from Shillong is 90 kilometers.

Langshiang Falls

Now the height of these waterfalls is much in debate but nevertheless, they are absolutely stunning and a must-visit site. Langshiang Falls are located in the West Khasi Hills and since they are fed by a perennial source, the falls remain flooded throughout the year. 

The falls are very offbeat and have not yet been touched by commercial tourism. Visit these falls during peak monsoon, to see it at its best. Distance from Shillong is 110 kilometres.

rong'bang falls

Rong’Bang Falls

Located near Tura, West Garo Hills is the Rong’Bang Falls which can be seen from the roadside. To enjoy the falls in its complete magnificence you will have to go down to the bottom of the falls for a better view. The falls are perennial but its best seen during monsoons. Distance from Shillong is 270 kilometres.

Imil Chare Dare

The Imil Chare falls are also located in West Garo Hills, close to Tura, and are fed by a stream that runs through deep, narrow paths of crevices before it becomes a waterfall. There is a deep, wide pool at the bottom where you can take a dip in the pure, fresh waters or enjoy a picnic close by. 

The waters close to the pool are teeming with fish, but not meant to be caught! Distance from Shillong is 360 kilometres.

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