Best Motorcycles for beginners in India

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best motorcycles for beginners

Guide to the best motorcycles for beginners

There was a time when the Indian motorcycle industry was going through a tremendous drought in terms of having motorcycles which could come out of the cocoon of just being a commuter. This had left the customers jaded with their puny 100cc or 150cc bikes. It was in the year 2007 when Bajaj Auto revolutionized the Indian market with a powerful and stylish revamp in their portfolio by launching Pulsar 220. I feel this move was a landmark step in this industry where consumers started looking at motorcycles as a performance tool rather than just a commuter machine. 

Gradually, five years down the line, KTM, an Austrian motorcycle stalwart, partnered with Bajaj Auto to introduce the Dukes in the market. Now, you will see a plethora of motorcycles, in the Indian market, to choose from. The challenge comes when you are a beginner. I have met a lot of people who want to start riding motorcycles but are always apprehensive to buy one due to the endless list of reasons. So, this blog intends to give a clear picture of the best motorcycles for beginners based on the riding styles. 

The Highway Sprinters

These are the set of riders who like to go on occasional highway rides, for close to about 100 to 200 kms in total, on the weekends. If you fall under this category or want to be in this category, then here are the options for you: 

best motorcycles for beginners

Suzuki Gixxer 250

One of the best motorcycles for beginners in this category the Gixxer 250 has a price tag of around INR 1.8 lacs. It generates 26 bhp of power which can be fully utilized and there are no sudden surges of power, thus taking the rider into confidence. 

The Japanese motor ensures that it remains smooth across the rev range, giving the rider the best experience to ride on the highway without any sort of vibrations. The weight of the bike is also not bothersome; hence it is easy to handle in any situation. 

best motorcycles for beginners

KTM Duke 250

The ones who are looking for a bit more of an aggressive stance and style, then the Duke 250 is a decent bike to start with, the engine produces 30 bhp of power which is utilizable and enough to make you happy for a long time. The power delivery will be punchy but not that much which will scare you. The featherlight weight of the bike makes it an easy handler. An efficient machine to begin your motorcycling stint with. 

The Tourers

These are the band of riders who go on long tours of more than 500 kms over long weekends or a take long break from work to travel far distances on their motorbikes. If you are from this tribe or want to be a part of it, here are the options for you:

Mahinda Mojo (300cc)

The ones who are looking to go on long tours, looking for a motorcycle with bulletproof quality, massive tank capacity, and comfortable seating. This is one of the best motorcycles for beginners with a decent power output of 27 bhp and enormous torque of 30 Nm torque, adequate to pull one out of the tough terrains with luggage. The suspension setup makes the ride plush and the bike soaks in the bumps very easily. The Mojo comes at a price of around INR 2 lacs.

touring bikes in india

BMW GS 310

Well, if the pocket is not at all a concern for you and you can manage the trouble of refueling multiple times due to low fuel tank capacity, then the BMW GS 310 is suitable for rookies, which can tour with superb seating comfort and long-travel suspension. The power output is 34 bhp which is more than sufficient to full fill your touring dreams and making it one of the best motorcycles for beginners.

Off-Roaders / Trail Riders

These are the group of riders who love to ride on good off-road trails into the jungles, explore unknown roads and ravage some good off-road tracks. For beginners, I feel there are two options available, mentioned below:

best motorcycles for beginners

Hero Xpulse 200

It is a good choice for the newbies since the Xpulse is a go-anywhere machine with a forgiving nature and you can throw it anywhere and it will not be heavy on your pocket. Compared to RE Himalayan, this bike seems to be a preferred choice because of less weight, interactive digital console, and highly reliable engine. The engine generates around 18.4 bhp of power and gives a mind-blowing mileage figure of 50 plus kmpl. 

Royal Enfield Himalayan (411cc)

Riddled with reliability issues, this bike is the least attractive proposition in the market, but it is very practical. It is good for beginners since the bike produces 23 bhp but a massive 32 Nm torque. The long-travel suspension and spoke wheels make it easier for the rider to traverse through rough terrains without breaking a sweat. As a rider even if you fall, you don’t have to be worried and you can throw it anywhere you want to but not off a mountain cliff!

Overall, in my opinion, these are the best motorcycles for beginners, based on your preferable riding style. If you notice the bikes which I have suggested, fall in the price band of 1 lac to 2.5 lacs with an exception of BMW GS 310, which will cost you a whopping INR 4 lacs. Also, please invest in good riding gears like riding jackets, helmets, etc. because safety is always a priority. If you any further questions, please feel free to ask. 

This article is authored by Adhip Varma, who is an avid motorcycle rider. You can follow him on his Instagram account

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Ujjwal January 24, 2020 - 2:02 PM

I love hero xpulse 200 and their design. I already have a bike from Bajaj but I want to purchase this one too.

Akash paul May 22, 2020 - 1:08 AM

At this price range its worth buying bike xpulse and the looks of this bike is awesome. Loved it. 🙂


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