The 3 Best Touring Bikes In India

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best touring bikes in india

Your guide to the best touring bikes in India

The concept of touring on a motorcycle in India is still in a nascent stage but it is rapidly gaining acceptance from the masses due to the introduction of capable and affordable motorcycles in the market leading to a paradigm shift in the consumer behavior. The consumers have started looking at motorcycles as a recreational tool rather than just two wheels for commuting. 

People want to break away from their mundane routine of a 9 to 5 job and explore unchartered geographies. India is blessed with the Himalayas and Ladakh is the mecca for the bikers, not just in India but globally as well. All these factors lead us to the next quest for the best touring bikes in India. Irrespective of the price tag, I will list down an inventory of touring bikes that you can buy in India. 

best touring bikes in india

Mahindra Mojo ABS

Power: 26.8 bhp

Torque: 30 Nm

Weight: 170 kgs approx. (Dry)

Price: INR 1.88 lacs ex-showroom

If you are looking for a motorcycle with a top-notch build quality, massive tank capacity, and comfortable seating which can help you do long hours on the saddle, then the Mojo is one the best touring bikes in India presently. The company had covertly launched the ABS model in mid-2019. The motorcycle has a massive fuel tank of 21 liters and one full tank will give you a range of 500 km in real-world conditions. 

The suspension setup has been changed from USD forks to conventional telescopic forks, which makes the bikes lighter and nimble, due to the change in the rake angle, to handle in demanding situations. The straight-line stability of the bike is excellent and runs smoothly through the rev range. On this bike, you can easily cruise till 120 kmph without feeling the vibrations. 

The design of the bike is very unconventional and may not be appealing to a lot of people but if you are buying a touring bike for the looks, then you are in the wrong place, my friend. The per-service cost averages close to INR 2,000 and the service interval is 6,000 km. The luggage carrying capacity is also great in which you can buy company fitted saddle stays and the metal fuel tank adds to the convenience of placing a magnetic tank bag on it. Thus, making Mojo a strong contender in the list of best touring bikes in India.

touring bikes in india


Power: 34 bhp

Torque: 28 Nm

Weight: 169.5 kgs (Wet)

Price: INR 3.49 lacs ex-showroom

If you have deep pockets, it is a very potent motorcycle for touring in our country. With service cost averaging around INR 6,000, service interval of 10,000 km, long-travel suspension, comfortable seating, and with extensions to perfectly place the panniers, this bike can take you to places. 

The design of the bike is very appealing with sharp lines and edges.  The only downer I see is the 11 liters tank, which highly contradicts BMW’s philosophy of the GS breed being a touring bike, from which you can extract around 250 – 270 km, thus making it mandatory for you to carry jerrycans. This trade-off is nothing in comparison to the fun, this bike can be. 

The bike comes with switchable ABS, which means that while riding it in the dirt, you don’t want ABS to spoil the fun by being too much poky. It can easily cruise till 120 kmph without stressing the engine. The high ground clearance on offer gives the rider the confidence to go through the rocky terrains without worrying about the base hitting the rocks. Lastly, the tubeless tires are a peace of mind, especially for solo travelers who find it easy to fix a tubeless tire puncture. 

best touring bikes in india

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Power: 23 bhp

Torque: 32 Nm

Weight: 182 kgs (Wet)

Price: INR 1.80 ex-showroom (FI & ABS)/1.82 ex-showroom (Sleet)

The tarnished image of this bike due to the perpetual reliability issues and the company not paying any heed to these problems makes this bike the least attractive proposition in the marketplace, but it is very practical. The design language of the Himalayan is of ruggedness and it always looks to mean business. The long-travel suspension and spoke wheels make it easier for the rider to traverse through rough terrains without breaking a sweat. 

The bike comes with dual-purpose tires which can be used on the highway and off-road. As a rider even if you fall, you don’t have to be worried and you can throw it anywhere you want to but not off a mountain cliff! The bike can cruise comfortably till 100 kmph and beyond this limit, you won’t like it, and neither will the bike. ABS cannot be switched off. The ground clearance is massive, and the bike comes with a metal bash plate to save the sump from the stones and rocks. 

The seating is very comfortable and the luggage carrying capacity is also great. The company offers panniers that can be bolted to the bike. The fuel tank capacity of 14 liters gives a tank range of 350 km. The per-service cost averages to INR 2,000 and the service interval is 5,000 km.  Overall, it’s a low-cost adventure bike to own and maintain. It can be rated as one of the best touring bikes in India.

According to my experience and impressions, these are the best touring bikes in India available for you to hop on and start exploring places. Please make sure that you take a test ride of each option to check personal comfort, read ownership experiences and then narrow down to the best suitable option. 

I hope, you found this blog to be informative and useful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

This article is authored by Adhip Varma, who is an avid motorcycle rider. You can follow him on his Instagram account

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