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safety goggles

One of the coolest things we did during our 6-month long road trip in 2018 was the paragliding activity in Bir Billing, Himachal. The activity was an out of the world experience for us as we’d never gone through it before. But for Vidur the experience wasn’t as good as he’d liked it to be. During the flight, he was too scared that his spectacles might fall off so he took them off. Without them, he couldn’t appreciate the view from the top and came down with a BIG headache. I am sure there are many of you who wear spectacles and have difficulty keeping them on during such adventure activities. And then we thought of getting safety goggles.

Since then, we scoured for safety goggles that we could use during such adventure activities. And then we stumbled upon Nova Eyewear. We zeroed in on the Nova Safety Goggles that provided ample protection for our eyes, came with an elastic strap and could be customized to our eye power! And since it’s COVID time, these safety goggles protect the eyes from accidental touching as well! 

Features of the Nova safety goggles

Our Nova Safety Goggles are a safety eyewear product that is manufactured using Polyurethane which is renowned for its incredible features. The high-quality goggles are designed to provide high resilience for rough usage in touch conditions and are made to be flexible so that you can pack and fit them anywhere. The lenses come with HC-AF coating (Hard Coat Anti Fog) to protect your eyes and ensure clear vision.

safety goggles
Adjustable elastic strap. Pic courtesy - NOVA Eyewear

The elastic strap that goes around your head is manufactured with super durable material that will not only last a long time but will also provide comfort to the user. The strap can be adjusted to suit your size and can be washed easily as well. While buying eyewear, the fit is of utmost importance. And this is where the adjustable strap does wonders!

safety goggles
The inner lenses can be customised for your eye power. Pic courtesy - NOVA Eyewear

Inside the goggles are a set of detachable lenses that can be taken out if you don’t need them. If you wear spectacles with power, then we can provide lenses with power as well that fit into these goggles.

Where can you use the Nova Safety Goggles?

Experienced motorcycle riders know that safety goggles are an essential accessory while riding. In addition to making you look good, they provide much-needed protection against sun glare, dust, wind, and road debris. 

safety goggles

If you wear an open-face helmet (we recommend that you don’t), road debris can hit you in the face and cause an accident. These goggles offer a layer of eye protection against tiny particles and insects that may strike your head or stones flying off from other vehicles. If you wear power spectacles, then these Nova Safety Goggles can be customized to your eye power. That means you don’t have to wear two sets of glasses or keep changing your eyewear! Vidur got his goggles with power, and he absolutely loves using these while cycling, during wildlife safaris, and hiking.

safety goggles

If you wear a closed face helmet then these safety goggles might not fit. However, these should fit inside a Moto Cross style helmet. We primarily use these goggles while cycling, traveling in an open-air vehicle, hiking, and during outdoor activities like archery. The Nova Safety Goggles will also be a great buy for trekking enthusiasts, especially the ones that travel to high altitude destinations with snowfall. The anti-fog feature will be very handy in cold climates and provide a much-needed relief from poor visibility while you are trekking through high altitude points.

About Nova Eyewear

Nova Eyewear is an international brand, which is available in more than 25 countries, including India, UAE, Canada & the USA. Nova offers a wide range of eyewear products, ranging from advanced digital lenses, fashionable frames, Rx Sunglasses, swimming goggles to safety eyewear. To know more about their safety goggles and other products, you can visit their site here.

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