Roadtrips For Couples – Why You Should Do it?

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Roadtrips For Couples

I am sure everyone dreams about running away to a place with their loved ones and never be found. We always want to travel with someone who is fun and adventurous at the same time. Someone we love and want to be with all the time. Have you ever had a friend that you get along really well but could never get together for a trip for various reasons? Not everyone you can get along with is a suitable travel partner. To travel with your partner is an all-new experience allowing you to explore destinations, create memories and get to know the person better. Archana and Vidur are lucky to have found each other and are even luckier to share the common interest of traveling. And this is why we feel that roadtrips for couples are an excellent relationship building process.

Between us, we have done lots of solo trips but hands down traveling with each other BEST EVER experience for us! Here are a few reasons why we think EVERY couple should travel together.

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Roadtrips For Couples

Aru Valley in Kashmir

Create memories for a lifetime

The phrase “creating memories of a lifetime” itself is so strong and powerful that you need no explanation for it. Creating memories, moments and awesome adventures is the most valuable thing one can ever earn and imagine earning this with your life partner. Many years down the lane when you look back at those precious memories with affection and humor won’t you thank God for that?

Makes your relationship stronger

Traveling with your partner allows you to experience a lot of things like places, food, cultures etc. At times you also come across a lot of challenges and obstacles which teach you to face a situation together and handle it with patience. Situations like these strengthen your relationship and help in developing a strong bond between the couples.

Experiences are best when shared

The beautiful travel experiences usually happen when shared with someone especially your partner. Witnessing beautiful sunsets, valleys full of flowers, playing in the snow, having fun in the river etc. Moments such as these feel more magical when you have your special someone to share those moments with you

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Roadtrips For Couples

The famous Pangong Lake in Ladakh region

Experience something new together

Do you remember when was the last time you did something new as a couple? Traveling with your special someone gives you opportunities and lets you experience something new together. Things which you have never tried earlier. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Keeping the spark alive

Spending time, round the clock with a single person can get boring from time to time. However, traveling helps in keeping the spark alive. It gives you alone time with each other and an opportunity to know each other even better. It gives you a chance to witness those beautiful sunrises and sunsets with your loved ones.

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To travel as a couple is a lot more fun than traveling alone or in a group. With your partner, you learn to divide responsibilities and entrust each other with your own life, security, money etc. Working together to make a couple trip possible, gives you a glimpse of what it is like being with somebody for life. You’ll probably argue, and that’s not a bad thing. Because in the end, you will end up getting to know each other better and your relationship will only grow stronger.

Learning Together is Fun!

It is a great feeling when you have the knowledge of someplace equally as your partner. To travel together also helps in increasing your knowledge together about any place, culture, food etc. It is a way to feel equal in power and position when you talk about a particular place.

Roadtrips For Couples

Betab Valley in Kashmir

Get to know each other

Traveling with your partner could be a great thing for those who are in a relationship and looking forward to marriage with him/her. The idea of traveling together and working as a team in dealing with both the highs and lows of traveling and living together is one good indicator of how the both of you will deal with the much bumpier journey of marital life down the road.

Traveling can help in discovering and understanding your partner. It helps in discovering the strengths and weaknesses of each other and also gives you an opportunity to complement each on various situations as you keep progressing with your journey. Traveling with your partner could be a great way of learning how to be adjusting with each other in various situations in life.

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Roadtrips For Couples

Langza village in Spiti Valley

Amazing pictures

Amazing pictures are always clicked while you pose and someone else clicks. Having a partner while traveling is definitely one way of clicking such amazing pictures. No more worries of taking a selfie stick or requesting a stranger to take your pic in your favorite spot.


The travel exercise has indeed given us a lot of surprises about each other such as- Archana never knew Vidur is so damn good with roads and navigation whereas Vidur was surprised to see Archana knowing so many locals in and around Goa and Masinagudi.

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