How To Travel With Pets?

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Travel with pets

In life, it’s not always about where you go but with whom you travel with. When you travel with pets, it’s always a challenge whether you are driving, flying or taking the train. Therefore be sure to follow these tips to ensure your pet is prepared to travel to your next holiday destination.

Read About Airlines, Train / Cab Policies

You should always do thorough research about travel policies of all transportation forms you will be using. You can read about the airline’s pet policy before booking your tickets and check on the requirements and restrictions. Different countries/airlines have different pet travel policies. Also, direct flights are always helpful as you don’t have to deal with changing flights and constantly shifting your pet around. Those can be really stressful for the animal.

In India, train travel is a cheaper option for pets. But, it might not be the healthiest one considering the variation in climatic conditions here. In trains, you have an option to keeping a dog with you, provided you get a 1st class cabin all to yourself and if no other passenger on the train complains.
Travel with petsTrain Your Pets For Long Journeys 

You should definitely take your pets for short drives or a walk around the airport or station if possible, to get them familiar with the surroundings. Reward your pet for good behavior and talk reassuringly to them.

Fit to Fly

Get a thorough medical checkup done for your pet and ensure they are fit to fly before starting their journey. Ensure your pet is well vaccinated before you take them on a vacation. Their medical documents should be carried along wherever you travel in case of an emergency.
Travel with petsPacking For Pets

Pets just need a few basic supplies for the trip but there are some essentials that you must carry. Make sure you have collars, leashes, cages handy at all times during the journey. Pack water bowls, treats, toys, dry food, soft toys, medical kit, their documents, blanket etc.


Before boarding the plane, car, or train play with your cat or take your dog for a walk. This will help your pet burn some energy, relieve themselves and get more prepared for the long journey ahead. Moreover, the more tired the pet is, the more likely they will sleep during the trip.

Prepare the crate/cage

You can buy a crate spacious enough for your pets to turn around and stand without hitting their head. If this is your pets first time in a crate, spend some time getting the animal used to being inside the crate. You should also keep a familiar blanket or toy with your pet to make it feel more comfortable during the trip.
Travel with petsFind Pet-Friendly Hotels

A lot of hotels across the world have opened up to the idea of having pets over but you still need to do thorough research before booking a hotel. Even if they allow pets you need to ensure they have the proper facilities to make your pet feel comfortable.

Once you reach the hotel, check out the room and switch on the TV. It gives your pet some comforting background noise while you’re away and set up space in the room, with blankets, a water bowl and a soft toy, where your pet can spend his time.

Take Lots Of Breaks

Animals are not accustomed to flying, traveling long durations and sitting in a crate, so do give them a lot of breaks if possible. If you are on a train or car, ensure they move around after a few hours so that they don’t get fatigued. Take them for a short walk whenever possible and let them get comfortable with their environment.

Prepare for the worst

You need to tag your pet which includes the owner’s name, address and phone number of where you’ll be staying during your trip, in case they get lost.

Take these steps to protect your beloved pet as traveling with them can get tricky, especially in an airline. The first time you do this, it might seem daunting! But with enough practice and the right tips, we are sure you are going to have a great vacation with your pet!

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