Is it worth waiting for the KTM 390 Adventure?

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KTM 390 Adventure

Everything you need to know about the KTM 390 Adventure

KTM fans and even hardcore riders who like to take a motorcycle off the road have been waiting for this motorcycle since ages. I still remember very clearly that there was a rumor about KTM launching the KTM 390 Adventure version by using it’s potent 390cc engine when they had introduced the Duke 390 in the Indian market in 2013. No one knew that this rumor would one day become a reality. 


Fast forward this to 2018, just after the launch of the BMW 310 twins, KTM announced that they will be introducing the KTM 390 Adventure in the Indian market in 2019. This news spread like a wildfire, which made the motorcyclists go into a tizzy. KTM is a dominant player in the market when it comes to manufacturing bikes which can take on any kind of terrain and they have already mastered the world’s toughest cross-country race known as Dakar rally over the years. So, a low capacity adventure bike in their stable for the Indian market is a very enticing proposition. 

KTM 390 Adventure

KTM 390 Adventure Launch

KTM 390 Adventure has been launched globally on 5 November 2019 at an international motorcycle show called EICMA held in Milan. This was the most anticipated product, in this world-famous motor show. The KTM officials have surprised us with this beautiful package loaded with features and a purpose. The official launch of this bike in India will be facilitated by KTM at India Bike Week (IBW) 2019 to be held in the 1st week of December in Goa. 

KTM 390 Adventure

KTM 390 Adventure Specifications

  • The KTM 390 Adventure comes with a 373cc single-cylinder motor, churning out 44 horsepower and 37 NM of torque, which is fuel injected and liquid-cooled
  • To stay true to its adventure nature, it gets the long-travel suspension of 170 mm (front) and 177 mm (rear), along with this the seat height is 855 mm which makes it a tall bike
  • The wheelbase at 1430 mm is longer compared to its sibling Duke 390, which indicates that the bike will be more stable at higher speeds
  • The dry weight of the motorcycle is 156 kgs which makes it one of the lightest bikes in its segment and makes it beast when it comes to power to the weight ratio
  • KTM is known for being a miser when it comes to fuel tank capacity but this bike comes with a 14.5-liter tank, so one full tank can easily give a range of 300 plus kms in a real-world scenario and the rider can have more fun. 
  • ABS and slipper clutch comes as standard on this bike like the Duke 390
  • To make handling better the handlebars are high and wide
  • In the standard variant, the bike comes with wide split seats which narrows down towards the tank, making it comfortable for the rider’s feet to reach the ground
  • The specs of wheels are 19 inch (front) and 17 inches (rear). They come with alloys, so the headache of fixing tube tire puncture goes out of the window.
KTM 390 Adventure

KTM 390 Adventure Features

  • KTM 390 Adventure gets a TFT screen straight away from Duke 390 which has day and night mode. It can be synced with KTM My Ride App installed on a smartphone, allowing the rider to make phone calls, listen to music and use navigation. 
  • The bike also gets a single mode of switchable traction control which makes road travel even safer and it has to be switched off during off-road travel to avoid burning of clutch
  • KTM has also given switchable ABS, so that the rider can enjoy the off-road trails without the intrusion of ABS, making the ride more enjoyable and one can slide the rear in the gravel
  • The headlights and indicators are LED which provide greater illumination and consume less power. The placement of the headlight is very interesting this time around, as it is attached to the main frame of the bike and not the handle of it, which means the handle will turn but the headlight will remain static, unlike its sibling Dukes. 
  • The brand has given rally race-spec WP suspension in the bike which is fully adjustable, both front and rear. This gives the rider a sense of personalization and they can adjust it according to their comfort. Both compression and rebound can be adjusted.
  • The windshield mounting is adjustable to suit the rider’s requirement
  • Luggage carrying capacity can be increased by purchasing KTM’s Powerparts accessories like the saddle stays and panniers. The catalog is quite attractive. 
KTM 390 Adventure

The Mystery Elements of the KTM 390 Adventure

Although, the bike is packed with performance and features, there are doubts which will need to be clarified by KTM during India launch in early December 2019. 

Price is the biggest factor for the price-sensitive Indian market. KTM is not known for discounting because they stand firm on the value which they provide in their products. The speculative figure is INR 3 lacs (ex-showroom) but no one is sure how will they price the bike!

Uncertainty also looms over the features provided in the KTM 390 Adventure global launch. Will KTM strip down a few features to make the product cost-effective to grasp the initial traction from the frugal Indian market?

Will it be suitable for the short riders? 

How is the power delivery in the lower rev range since it’s an adventure bike? Has KTM tweaked it according to the genre of the motorcycle?

Will KTM introduce a high spec variant with spoke wheels, similar to the Adventure 790 R? 

Who should buy the KTM 390 Adventure?

A person who is looking to tour for long distances without being bogged down by breakdowns and less power delivery on-off the highway. This is not meant for the mass market and will be positioned for the adventure riding lovers because this breed is developing at a rapid pace in India. From what initial impressions say is that the pricing of this bike vis-à-vis competition i.e. BMW GS 310 R and Royal Enfield Himalayan, will be somewhere in the midway of the price range, making it slightly exclusive and affordable as well.

This article is authored by Adhip Varma, who is an avid motorcycle rider. You can follow him on his Instagram account

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