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What I carry when I travel

by travelmynation
Things to carry while travelling

Since a kid the one thing which always made me happy was when Mom and Dad said “let’s go travelling”. Those days while Mumma would pack my bag, I would ask her to pack all my favourite dresses and toys and shoes etc., but I remember she would only pack limited clothes of mine and no toys at all. I would get depressed and fight with her so much but as I grew older I realised why she did that.

Travelling doesn’t mean you have to look beautiful and stylish just because you will take a lot of pictures of yourself!! Travelling means to explore, to discover to admire and to have fun and all the above is possible only when your travel bag is light and comfortable. I have learnt how to pack light in the course of time and would like to share a few essentials I carry while I travel. Some are beauty products while others are things/ gadgets, but in both the cases these have been my life saviour till date.

Apart from my usual essentials there are a few additions I have started carrying recently especially after our ride to Arunachal Pradesh last year. Due to the extreme cold temperature there many a times I had to skip taking a head bath due to which my hair would start looking disgusting and oily. Most of the days we were literally depending on our deodorant which helped us feel and smell fresh. Below are a few items from my bag just for you 🙂

1. New Pantene Oil Replacement – This newly launched product from Pantene is in my top favourites these days. The product has a rich and creamy texture yet non-sticky. It has Pro-V and goodness of oil which will give you 2X times stronger and hassle free hair.  One of the reasons why I am totally in awe for this product is because of its absorption power. Rubbing a walnut size amount of this product and running it through your damp or dry is good enough to relive you of your dry and fizzy hair. I wish this product had launched a little early so that I could have taken it to Arunachal Pradesh with me and saved myself from those bad hair days

Hair SerumHair Serum
2. Peesafe- Another new found love of mine is the product called Peesafe which is a disinfectant spray. This product is perfect for girls while using public toilets. It helps in keeping you safe from urinal infection

Toiler Sanitizer3. Pepper spray – This is one of the best defence spray products to use.  Incase of any emergency don’t hesitate to use one

4. First aid box for emergency situations. All bikes and cars have a very basic one and it would be a good idea to top them up with medicines you use frequently or ones that aren’t available easily

5. Deo- There will be times when you may have to skip a bath. It happened to me a few times as mentioned to you earlier. Thank God I was carrying a Deo which helped me feel fresh :p  Currently the Nike range is in my hot list

6. Energy bar. They are excellent source of instant energy and comes in handy during hanger pangs. I prefer keeping Snickers 🙂

7. Sunscreen- During summers using a water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher is a must. My personal favourite is from Bioderma with SPF 50. Sunscreen is also said to protect you from skin cancer caused due to extreme sun rays hitting your skin

8. Plastic bags can come really handy and be used for rain lining your luggage or for storing wet clothes

9.  Sanitary pads – Keeping a sanitary pad in your bag is really essential especially to deal with those unexpected situations

10. Mosquito repellent Carrying anti mosquito spray/lotion or the goodnight mosquito cards is very important for a comfortable bite free sleep. You don’t want to have a sleepless night when you travelMosquito Repellant

11. Bungee cord – These are a bikers life saver. You can mount any amount of luggage on your bike with a couple of bungee and we literally swear by them

12. Spare Phone and chargers /power bank- A spare phone and phone chargers are must-haves in your bags. A power bank which is lightweight, compact, and easily portable and can charge multiple gadgets while roaming around is an essential product while travelling

13. Torch / Head torch – These days everyone has a torch on their phones yet at times their power may not be enough when you are camping inside a jungle or in some very secluded place. Carrying a torch-light or a head torch is really essential. They are light and handy. You can find some really good ones in Decathlon stores

Things to carry while travelling14. Matchbox- This tiny thing has saved me so many times. Sometimes it has helped me lite a fire and protect myself from extreme cold and at times it has worked as a fire to keep wildlife away from our campsite

Hope you find the above products useful and start carrying a few if not all, while you travel too. I will keep adding more products in my bag in case I bump into something very useful. In case you happen to bump into something do let me know in the comments section below. Would love to hear from you guys “what’s in your bag”?


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