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New Traveler
Are you a new traveler? Looking for ways to go about your first trip?

For the last 6 years, we have traveled the length and breadth of the country! We’ve explored so many amazing places and met people who haven’t ever traveled! They come with lots of questions about the basics of travel. So we’ve compiled a list of very simple tips for you to start your travel adventures. As a new traveler, you will need some guidance to kick-start your travel journey!


Fear is the most powerful deterrent. Taking your first leap into the unknown is a scary thought, but you aren’t the first person to travel the world. You are not going to venture into places where no one has ever been or discovering new destinations. Especially in India, there are people EVERYWHERE! If millions of people can safely make their way around the world each year, so can you. You may feel scared and nervous but you’re just as capable as anyone else. We feel the only way to get rid of the fear is to talk to people who have traveled and understand how they go about it!


Reviews are good for a general overview of a destination, but you’ll never find the latest off-the-beaten-path attractions, bars, or restaurants in them. For the best stuff, connect with locals to find out what is hot right now. Ask other travelers or the hotel staff for recommendations. Other travelers are the best resource for up to date travel information. Online reviews, unless updated frequently, are probably outdated and will provide you with irrelevant information.

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If you want everything like it is at home, then what’s the point of traveling? We travel to experience different cultures, environments, and ways of thinking. Be open to learning and experiencing new things when you travel. Don’t get hung over on how things or food or facilities are at home. If you travel with an open mind you can have a much more enriching experience.


Travel can throw your body out of whack. When you’re moving from place to place it’s difficult to maintain your workout routines, and many of us tend to let things go. We don’t exercise, eat too much or drink a lot! Remember to take care of your body whenever you go out. Sleep well, eat less, stay hydrated and consume healthy food.

New Traveler


When we travel we ALWAYS have local food in small local restaurants. A part of traveling is to experience and immerse in the local life, so eating the local dishes should be on your list. We live in Bangalore but miss the Siddu from Himachal, the Methi from Srinagar, the Rista from Jammu, Phalay Roti from Sikkim and the Coconut souffle from Goa!

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Wondering how to strike a conversation with people you meet? One of my best tips is to make eye contact and smile. If they smile back, say hello. This is a fast way to make new friends.

New Traveler


If you want, you can make a lot of friends while traveling. Some of them will become lifelong friends. Social media makes it easy to stay in touch with people, so get people’s contact information! Don’t let your new friends fade away.

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Your friends or the people you follow online probably use drones, DSLR’s, action camera and whatnot! But that doesn’t mean you jump on their wagon and blow your money on these. Stay basic and invest only on the important things like a good phone, power banks etc. The more gadgets you buy, the less time you actually spend on enjoying the destination.


We are sure you will take plenty of pictures and video so invest in a phone that offers good camera features, long battery life and plenty of storage. If you are on a trek you probably will need one that is lightweight as well. A good camera phone will save you the trouble of carrying additional gadgets such as GoPro and cameras, in most cases. Invest in a small tripod, if required.

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New Traveler

Since we are into travel blogging, we are guilty of this as much as anyone and spend a lot of our time taking photos and uploading them on Instagram/Facebook. But it’s important for us to remember to put our phones down, and simply be present at the moment. It’s nice to look back at the memories, social media is addictive, but the only time we have is right NOW in the present moment. You’ve spent valuable money and time to be there in the first place, don’t let the moment pass you by!


When every day is planned and there are timelines to follow, it creates stress. And when you plan too much, there’s no room for on the spot experiences you come across. Put some flexibility into your schedule and go with the flow. Plan one or two activities and let the rest of the day happen. Let life unfold.

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For those who are introverts, it takes courage to talk to strangers but everyone is in the same boat. But others are also looking to connect with people. They want to make new friends too! Just say “hello” and everything else will fall into place. Take the first step. Take off your headphones, turn to the person next to you, and talk to them.

New Traveler


Some of us don’t like heights, others don’t like jungles. Vidur has fear of heights but that didn’t stop him from trying Paragliding in Bir Billing! You have got to challenge yourself, step out of the comfort zone and experience new things! You may hate some, but you won’t regret any of it. You’ll walk away more self-confident.


With the advent of social media, you are always connected wherever you go. There is a network of travelers who will be your friends, give you advice or tips, and help you out. You aren’t out there on your own. You will make friends. We know you’re nervous about heading out into the unknown. That’s normal. And you will always have people like us to guide you.

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Don’t worry about things you can’t control. Life is much too short to be angry & annoyed all the time. Did you miss your flight? No worries, there will be another one. Things tend to go wrong sometimes and you need to be patient enough to let things work themselves out. Just take a deep breath and remind yourself that it could be worse.

New Traveler


The best way to beat the crowd and enjoy some quiet time is to get up early. It’s also a good time for photos and easier to interact with locals. If you workout, then getting up early gives you an opportunity to head out for a walk or a jog, without the incessant honking of traffic.


Family travel is a great experience for adults and kids and can be done without hassles. Yes, there are certain changes you make to your travel once you become a parent but it still can be fun! Look for destinations that have offerings for everybody. Plan activities that the whole family can indulge in. Travel is a good teacher, especially for kids and it helps them discover more about the world we live in.

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We see people taking package tours and experiencing every destination on the map; for 5 minutes. These are called tourists. With limited leaves, we are always trying to squeeze everything in — rushing through 20 cities in 20 days. We remember tourist buses pulling into Pangong Lake, people stepping out to take selfies for 5 minutes and then heading back to Leh! Your holiday is for you to relax and explore. Don’t make it like work!

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